Information Gathering

We want to get to know you and your business in whatever way works best for you. We’ll set up a call or send you an email to get a better understanding of your business needs and processes, gathering your specific project requirements as we go.

Planning / Scope

Next, we’ll finalize all requirements for the project, scoping out the details and providing a comprehensive timeline with cost projections broken down by item. We’ll also provide a detailed schedule, working with you until everything is perfect.

Design / Development

Before we even get started, we’ll provide you with designs (if applicable), wireframes and mock-ups, client revisions and approvals. To ensure as little disruption as possible, we’ll work on the front and back end simultaneously, with integration work occurring around the same time as the development end of things.

Testing / Review

Once the work is complete, we’ll do unit testing of all code, ensuring bugs are identified and fixed. Next, we’ll send you the product for user acceptance testing, fixing all bugs as they’re identified. Lastly, we’ll review the project with you and get final sign-off on all work completed.


Launch day is here! We’ll work with you and your team to help successfully launch your site. We’ll also transition you to our Managed Services (if applicable) to help you with any ongoing site maintenance you may need in the future.

Initiate a consultatio

No contracts to sign, no commitments, we’ll simply listen to your needs, suggest solutions, scope out the project, and provide a quote before getting started.