Pricing Based on Your Needs

Pricing will vary depending on your requirements and the size of the project. Before committing to any project, we will work with you to thoroughly plan and scope out the project. Once we agree on the project’s deliverables, we will provide a detailed quote and timeline for your approval before moving forward.

To give you a better idea of what you can expect, below is a list of the price common projects typically start at. But since we work with online stores of all sizes, the only way to provide an actual price is to let us know exactly what you need!

Theme/App Tweaks

Strating at $500

Shopify Store Setup

Strating at $600

Custom Theme Design

Strating at $5,000

Custom Development

Strating at $2,000

Site Migrations

Strating at $5,000

3rd Party Integrations

Strating at $1,000

Initiate a consultatio

No contracts to sign, no commitments, we’ll simply listen to your needs, suggest solutions, scope out the project, and provide a quote before getting started.